At the intersection of poverty and portraiture, Theirs is the Kingdom follows the rare creation of a contemporary fresco mural inside the sanctuary of a small church in Asheville, NC.

This is a painting not of the rich and powerful, but of people battling homelessness, addiction, and mental illness.  From first sketch to final unveiling, the viewer witnesses the difficulties of this ancient artistic technique while also meeting an ensemble cast of rich, complex characters.


This year, we’re launching a Host A Screening campaign to bring the film to communities and congregations around the country. We’ve created a Theirs Is The Kingdom screening kit that includes all the tools necessary to host a successful event, either virtually or in-person: Private screening link or digital download, License to publicly exhibit the film, Discussion guide, & Marketing materials to promote event


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    Haywood Street Fresco || Photo by John Warner Photography
    Haywood Street Fresco || Photo by John Warner Photography